The story of my Peace Pebbles

My peace pebbles came about when a good friend of mine saw a swirly pebble I had made as a 'love token' for my son to take to school and hold whenever he felt anxious about anything.

bizzi zizzi doctor who inspired galaxy pebbleAt the time she was an ante-natal yoga instructor and she asked me if I could create a larger pebble with a wave design which she could give as a gift to her mums-to-be as a 'meditation anchor'. The idea was that they would hold the pebble and the design would remind them about the breathing and exercise techniques they had learnt in her classes.

I was thrilled with the idea and flattered that my little pebbles could play a small part in the arrival of new life into the world.

bizzi zizzi original ocean waveSo I got to work practising the technique, finding the right colour combinations and getting a consistent size and design to the pebbles. Little did I know then that they would prove so popular!

Shortly after delivering the first batch to my friend, I received several enquiries from other franchisees and my son soon named them 'Peace Pebbles' when I told him what they were all for. Very appropriate I thought!  I now supply Peace Pebbles to Lazy Daisy Birthing (ante-natal yoga and baby yoga) and The Wise Hippo (hypnobirthing) franchisees, as well as other independent practitioners.

Although each pebble is created individually in the same way, they are all slightly different, adding to their uniqueness. Once cured, they are each wet sanded, buffed and polished, then coated with a very fine, high grade wax. This makes them incredibly smooth and a delight to hold.

bizzi zizzi peace pebble display boxOnce I started sharing the pebbles on my Facebook page, interest started to spread and I was asked to create the pebbles in other colours and designs and not just for birthing instructors. Ones that looked like galaxies in space were popular with the boys and I have done a range of pink waves for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The beauty of polymer clay is that while it is very tough and durable once cured, it is also easily drilled, so I started turning some of them into focal beads. Now, my good friend Dawn, an award-winning jewellery designer from Polly Red, has taken the design to a new level by wire-wrapping them. Don't they look fab?!ww green 4

I've had orders from across the globe and requests for even more designs and colours. When I get a chance to list my pebbles in my Etsy shop in-between regular orders, they don't stay listed for long!

If you are interested in contacting me about my peace pebbles, please do send me a message here or visit me on my Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy looking at the designs I have created so far. Do watch this space for more!