Meet Lizzi

LizziLizzi has always loved getting her hands on anything creative, particularly under the influence of her grandmothers, who taught her music, baking, and a variety of crafts, from junk modelling to crochet. The first real indication that she would be an artist was in a primary school production where she recreated her version of a Lowry painting on stage. From secondary school age, she regularly attended local craft fayres with her creations,  and used her skills to take part in a venture scheme designed for schools to teach basic business skills, economics and entrepreneurship.

Upon finishing school, she had no idea what career she wanted to follow, and although she loved art, didn't have the confidence to pursue a degree or career in it. She drifted from being a life-guard, draughtswoman, traffic engineer, and finally settled on a career in human resources. But she still felt like there was something missing in her life. Then children came along, and finally the fabric, glue, glitter and paints were back out of the craft box, making things together with the children and showing them crafts her grandmothers had taught her.

Lizzi rediscovered her love for polymer clay in 2011 when looking in her craft cupboard for some colourful buttons and came across some she had made as a young teenager. Not being able to find the style or size she wanted, she started making more buttons for her crochet projects and this led her to start creating more buttons for herself and others.

In 2012, an opportunity arose to attend a business course specifically designed for creative start-ups. It was at this point that Lizzi downed the crochet hooks and embarked on learning as much as possible about polymer clay as an artistic medium, particularly after a yoga teacher friend asked her to create meditation anchors for her students. The kids named them Peace Pebbles and they have been a best-seller ever since.

Making Jewellery Magazine Summer 2014

Known as Zizzi to her family, (ever since her younger brother tried to first say her name) she decided to call her fledgling business Bizzi Zizzi and registered as self-employed with HMRC. This was no-longer a hobby, but a career and it felt good!

Since 2012 she has been slowly building her brand and learning some new skills in social media marketing, business accounting as well as developing her techniques with the medium itself, whilst juggling a number of part-time jobs and raising her family.

In 2014 Lizzi was approached by the editor of Making Jewellery magazine to write polymer clay tutorials. Imagine her delight when her first tutorial was also featured on the magazine cover!

Lizzi has ambitions to write more tutorials, run workshops and create more than just buttons, beads and pebbles. So watch this space!